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The final countdown

3 days to go as I write this!

And what a ‘last 3 weeks’ it has been! Making sure everything is in order – getting the visa, translated birth certificates, insurance, forex card and what-not on time especially being the last-minute latifa that I am. Going by past history of ‘packing-stress cum phobia’, this time I am almost done with it a week in advance – and I don’t believe it!!

In normal circumstances I consider myself a smart packer  if I may say so, i.e. I can make do with minimal clothes, avoid the usual pickles, masalas and ready-to-eat mixes so famously carried by indians overseas. But REALLY TELL ME HOW one fits 7 months of living in a foreign country, into a 23+12 kg baggage??

Ok, so even if you cant tell me, fine. Luckily for me, my cousin sis is coming to France for Toussaint vacation next month and the third black bag you see, is going to be passed on to her through the husband. Yoohoo!

So thats that. Super excited about the next 7 months and all that I will learn and discover. Oh, and teach ofcourse 😉

Au revoir, till we meet again en France!

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Posted by on September 24, 2011 in Reawakening


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The story so far….

Corporate life was chugging along with no vision at the end of the tunnel.

An interest of long-ago to learn french got rekindled.

Alliance Francaise de Bangalore happened.

A teaching assignment in France came suddenly out of nowhere, with an age limit, mind you. Applied, wrote a few eligibility tests. And just scraped through (the age bit, ofcourse!)

And so Strasbourg, it is. A pretty city, east of France, known for its snowy winters, mulled wine and the famed Christmas market.

I’ll be teaching at 2 schools. One subject – English. Yes, English!! After tons of lectures and exams to create expertise in commerce, marketing, advertising and you-name-what, I will be teaching English to the French! Ha! Who’d have thought?

So Bienvenue, hop on and follow my brief European adventure!

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Posted by on August 28, 2011 in Reawakening


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